AMC (Alkhalig Medical Company) founded by Dr. Hassan El Wakil  (president and CEO) in 1991, is a medical supplier company introducing up-to-date technologies in Egypt and the middle east during the past 25 years. Al Khalig Medical Company is the Sole Agent and the official representative for the most trustful and advanced medical providers worldwide focusing on patient safety and customer satisfaction.

Our sales list includes the biggest references and the most trustful health care providers in our area. We are working as partners keeping in consideration the strong profitable relationship for all parties.



Our Vision: Gain leadership positions in the most recent technologies of oncology surgery, pain therapy and diagnostic ultrasound.


Everyone deserves the better healthcare. Our goal is to work with our suppliers and medical professionals to provide the best products and services. Our mission is to uphold our reputation for excellence in the healthcare field by delivering high quality, cost- effective products to benefit patients in Egypt and surrounding countries.

Our Contribution

The main focus
Being unique in medical techniques about pain management, oncology, imaging & other medical supplies introducing specialized products.
We are covering
The middle east region starting from egypt across Tunisia, Lybia, Sudan, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, GCC countries.

Awards and Certificates

Having serving our customers for 25 years, AMC received several awards and certificates from its partners and mother companies.

Technology, science, and innovation never stop building new bridges to the future. Science and medicine have something new to introduce everyday, scientific curiosity is alive, more problems are easier to solve, and more diseases are easier to be cured. Scientists, medical companies, and healthcare providers are more challenged now to keep up with the fast growth of population and the need for medical technology that can deliver patient care for different kinds of diseases and problems.
While many in the industry have felt burdened by what’s been considered a hard equation, the equation that sums up the main three factors to achieving the necessary medical technology: Cheap, fast, more efficient. Founded in 1991, covering the Middle East, and located in Cairo, Al Khalig Medical company has long felt overly responsible for providing the best healthcare services and medical products, not only to deliver the cheapest; the fastest; and the most efficient, but also the healthcare that everyone deserves.
AMC doesn’t only work with suppliers and medical professionals to deliver the best services and products, but in addition to that Al Khalig Medical is the fourth authorized After Sales Service Center worldwide after United States, Italy (Sonoscape research center) & Spain receiving its certification for its outstanding performance for the past 12 years representing SonoScape in Egypt.
The company obtained the Authorization Certificate from SonoScape Medical Corp, the leading company specialized in ultrasound diagnostic systems and transducers. The certificate which was earned this year testifies that “Egypt Al Khalig Co. is an Authorized After Sales Service center of SonoScape Medical Corp. For installing, testing, and maintenance of SonoScape authorized ultrasound products in Egypt.”
Science and medical technology doesn’t stop advancing, neither does AMC!.