Alkhalig Academy Program (AAP)

This program is designed to introduce a youth driven evolution in AMC. Attending this program will enable you to unlock your potential, discover your passion and figure out your career path.

Because continuous learning is what we strive for, AEP’s main outcome is to re-brand the company to cope with the current market trends.

Keep checking our career page for posts about upcoming vacancies in AEP.


Alkhalig Entrepreneurship Program (AEP)

This program is designed to challenge young entrepreneur’s experiences and areas of interest by giving them the opportunity to work in a professional environment in a corporate.

Entrepreneurs attending this program get the chance to bridge the gap between academic life, student activities and real life world by getting involved in the professional environment of a corporate and the diversity of its people. Their mission is to set the infrastructure for new departments in AMC.

This year, AEP was launched for the first time and it is already expanding to include young entrepreneurs from different backgrounds. They have the bigger chance and priority to become part-time candidates for future vacancies in the company.

Keep checking our career page for posts about upcoming vacancies in AEP.

Past Events

AICFM (Annucal International Conference for Fetal Medicine) held in Al Masah Hotel in February 2016

EGSSO (Egyptian Society of Surgical Oncology) held in Dusit Thai, Cairo in March 2016

5th International GastroIntestinal Liver & Uro-Oncology Conference that was held in Nile Ritz Carlton in Egypt in May 2016

Upcoming Events

The 8th Annual Conference of National Hepatology & tropical Medicine Research Institute (NHTMRI) in Grand Nile Tower Cairo, September 2016.

the 8th International Scientific Conference of South Egypt Cancer Institute in Assiut University, October 2016