Acculis MTA System

The Acculis Microwave Tissue Ablation (MTA) System when configured for use with the Accu2i pMTA Applicators consists of the Sulis VpMTA Generator, optional MTA Temperature Probes, Acculis Local Control Station (LCS) and Accu2i pMTA Applicators. The Acculis MTA System is used to deliver energy to soft tissue for the purpose of thermal coagulation. The Acculis MTA System is designed to be used by physicians who are trained in the use and application of image-guided ablation procedures, intraoperative ultrasound and/or CT guided needle placement.



Product Description


  • Single Applicator
  • 2.45 GHz operating frequency
  • Generator powers from 60 W to 140 W
  • Liquid cooled applicator and cable
  • High reflected energy monitoring
  • Available in 14 cm, 19 cm and 29 cm applicator lengths

Acculis LCS (Local Control Station)

  • Coolant temperature monitoring system
  • Integrated control interface for Acculis disposable microwave applicator systems
  • Single-action multi-connector cartridge combining data signal, microwave, coolant and pump drive connections

Sulis VpMTA Generator

  • 2.45 GHz medical grade microwave generator
  • Touch screen user interface
  • 60 W to 140 W output
  • High reflected energy feedbac


Additional Information


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