Habib® 4X Bipolar Resection Device

The Habib 4X bipolar resection device is designed to reduce blood loss, shorten OR time and shorten ICU and overall hospital stays, as well as offer the ability to perform non-clamping surgery and avoid warm ischemia side effects.* Based on clinical data, the average time for an individual ablation is eight seconds using the Habib 4X bipolar resection device.



Product Description


  • Four-electrode bipolar resection device
  • Uses radiofrequency (RF) energy for tissue coagulation
  • Coagulates organs’ parenchyma and vessels in seconds
  • Used with Model 1500X RF Generator – fully automated Habib mode
    with automatic RF shut off and remote foot pedal control available


Hepatic Benefits:

  • Significantly reduces chances for blood transfusions
  • Spare functional portions of cirrhotic liver
  • Lowers the occurrence of liver failure & bile leakage as a result of blood loss reduction and functional tissue sparing


Additional Information


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