NT1100™ Radiofrequency Generator

The first multi-electrode RF generator for chronic pain management.1

The NT1100™ radiofrequency (RF) generator offers you the ability to:

  • Simultaneously treat three sites in lesion, pulsed or pulsed dosed mode
  • Experience the ease of tactile controls combined with a dynamic data screen


Product Description

NT1100, Pulsed and continues RF generator with advanced software and Data saving options.

  • Multiple probe usage (thermal and Pulsed RF), Three active electrodes at the same time.
  • Touch screen set up, user operated control of the generator.
  • Pulsed RF settable in voltage, current, temperature and time.
  • Pulse width and pulse frequency is changeable.
  • New “Pulse dose” concept.
  • Data transfer via USB stick.
  • Unlimited Intra Diskal possibilities DiskitII.
  • Sacro iliac Joint therapy Simplicity III.
  • Dual Electrode system.
  • 12 users can set their preferences { every one can do his own profile of

    selected parameters such as pulse width, voltage , frequency , current

    ,time and all other parameters for every application of the RF}.

  • Auto test of the generator functions when switched to “on”.
  • Easy readable graphs displaying voltage, impedance, current,

    temperature and time displayed.

  • The use of an external screen is available as optional function.
  • Stimulation can be done with voltage or current.
  • The ability to simultaneously lesion, Pulsed RF and Pulse Dose up to 3

    electrodes at the same time.

  • You can fill in patient details.
  • Touch screen setup and mechanically operated during the procedure.
  • Stimulation test kit to test the machine functions and the electrodes without any break of the sterilization field.
  • You only need excel program on your computer for transferring data (no additional software required), able to use a flash memory compatible to transfer the data to your personal computer to do any extra analysis or data saving and printing.
  • The use of 1 or 2 bipolar electrodes at the same time {without using the dispersive plates and increasing the volume of the lesioning}.
  • Special Cordotomy function.
  • Pulsed RF can be set on voltage, current(MA), temperature and time
  • Automatic start starts within 5 degrees of set temperature.
  • Stimulation in voltage and Milliamps, fine stimulation (0-0.5V),

    normal stimulation (0.3V) and higher voltage stimulation (0-5V).

  • FDA approved & CE mark.


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