NT2000iX™ Radiofrequency Generator


The NT2000iX™ radiofrequency (RF) generator for chronic pain management features:

  • Fully independent RF channels enable real-time temperature monitoring and reduce the potential for unwanted patient stimulation
  • Large touch screen with a simple, intuitive graphical user interface to minimize user error
  • Dedicated software algorithms to support specialty procedures


Product Description

NT2000iX™ RF Generator

The NT2000iX™ generator is designed to deliver lesion, pulsed or pulsed dosed treatments to painful nerve sites to help manage chronic pain.


  • Independent timers are designed to facilitate complete treatment of each nerve by giving you the ability to independently monitor lesion times for each channel
  • Responsive stagger start enables you to quickly identify under-anesthetized nerves
  • Unique temperature control algorithms are designed to intelligently regulate power to each electrode
  • Four dedicated RF amplifiers enable continuous delivery of energy to each treatment site 


  • Manual stimulation and RF control knobs enable the user to make fine adjustments
  • Physician settings, patient profiles, and site labels can be pre-loaded to minimize confusion during procedures

Easy to Use

  • 15-inch touch screen minimizes user error and makes it easier to see the detail in graphed procedural data
  • Dedicated software algorithms are pre-programmed to support specialty procedures
  • BLUETOOTH® wireless technology printing and wireless mouse compatibility provide versatility in both document management and user interface control


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