StarBurst Xli-enhanced Semi-Flex RFA Device

The StarBurst Xli-enhanced Semi-Flex RFA electrode is designed specifically for Interventional Radiologists. It is a versatile RFA device that features both rigid (metal) and flexible (polymer) trocar sections. The StarBurst Xli-enhanced Semi-Flex offers all the benefits of the Xli-enhanced rigid device, but with the ability to bend up to 90 degrees in all directions which enables easy entrance through the CT gantry.



Product Description

This minimally invasive RFA device ensures consistent, sustained target temperatures
and enables the precise ablation of predictable volumes of tissue.


  • More robust ablations
  • Faster ablation times
  • Scalable, spherical ablations (4-7 cm)
  • Dynamic, real-time temperature readouts
  • Needle track ablation
  • Superb ergonomics and clinician controls
  • Expandable array configuration
  • Infusion-based system increases conductivity of ablation zone
  • Ergonomic one hand design
  • Integrated tubing set allows for easy set up


  • Nine arrays plus active trocar tip
  • Four thermocouples
  • Pre-attached disposable main cable


Additional Information


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